Visions of Hoi An: The Peaceful Meeting Place

Red Vietnamese Umbrella

The vivid colors of Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful land, filled with warm people, amazing culinary experiences and a rich, yet painful, history. We experienced these intertwined elements everywhere we traveled throughout this amazing country. It is sometimes difficult to believe that the Vietnam war, which lasted over 15 years, ended only in 1975 — in the same lifetime as many of the people we met throughout our travels. Despite experiencing this terrible hardship, many of these people were so warm and inviting to us westerners.

One of our favorite places on this journey was the city of Hoi An, located in the south central coast right on the South China Sea. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the name Hoi An translates to “peaceful meeting place”, which is a fitting name for this gorgeous town. The town is reminiscent of an old trading city, with fabulous wood architectured storefronts and cobblestone walks that stretch over small bridges where the river intersects with the town.

This is city full of seamstresses and a place where it is possible to leave with a full wardrobe of custom-made clothing in a matter of days. It is also a place where good food can easily be found at really affordable prices, from special dumplings and noodle dishes to amazing fresh seafood served fresh from the sea. On the outskirts of this picturesque city, a beautiful stretch of beach is perfect for a day of relaxation under the hot sun.

A visit to Hoi An is a definite must for any traveler who is visiting Vietnam. Here are a few photographs from our stay in this beautiful city.

Hoi An building

The wood architecture and cafe culture of Hoi An

Hoi An lanterns

The same setting at night, lit up by beautiful lanterns

Hoi An lanterns

Hoi An Japanese Bridge

The Japanese Bridge on the Thu Bon River – a perfect refuge from the hot sun

Hoi An Japanese Bridge

Hoi An Art

Artwork for sale on the street depicting boats on the Thu Bon River

River view of Hoi An

Sunset on the Thu Bon River

Hoi An Flowers

Some of the beautiful flora in Hoi An

Hoi An Beach

The very desolate beach on the outskirts of Hoi An

Elderly woman with traditional hat in Vietnam

An elderly woman who came to sell us goods on the beach

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