Things to do in Toronto with Young Kids: A Hidden Gem (Toronto Railway Museum)

trains in Toronto with kids

The Roundhouse Park – Right at the foot of the CN Tower!

If you have young kids, one of the challenges you may have is trying to find fun things to do that don’t cost an arm and a leg…especially in a big metropolitan place like Toronto, where kids admission prices generally cost “big city” prices!

So, the Road Warrior Travel Adapter brings you: Things to do in Toronto with young kids!

One of the best finds that we have discovered in the city of Toronto, perfect for an afternoon family gathering with small kids, is downtown at the Roundhouse Park. After all, who doesn’t like trains? And…big rail trains that you can climb on? And…a train that you can ride around on? This place is perfect for kids and adults alike!

The Roundhouse Park was created in 1997 by the Toronto Railway Historical Association. It is located just south of Skydome and Metro Convention Centre South, near the site of the Steamwhistle Brewery, and on the actual former site of the Canadian Pacific Railway John Street Roundhouse. The Toronto Railway Historical Association has done a fantastic job of creating the Toronto Railway Museum which is a growing collection of actual antique rail cars that have been retired on the grounds of the park. There is even a restored 120 foot long locomotive turntable!

Rail Car Toronto Roundhouse

One of the amazing many rail cars in the park

Railcar Toronto Roundhouse

Site of the Roundhouse Park Toronto

Site of the Toronto Railway Museum

The park is a great venue to explore with kids, as children (and adults, too!) can climb aboard many of the rail cars in this park to play and take photos.

But, the highlight has to be the miniature railway that has a seven-foot live steam train that carries straddling passengers around the park. It takes passengers from the Don Station and tours them around the rail yard, complete with steam and “toot toot” of the horn. (We originally thought that the Don Station was a replica, but this is in fact the original 1896 structure that has been carefully moved from its original site…pretty neat to be surrounded by such history!) The steam train ride lasts about 5 minutes and the train circles the museum grounds, complete with cute conductor and the “toot toot” of the steam whistle! At the time of writing, it cost only $2 for children and $3 for adults.


conductor, Toronto Railway Museum

Train conductor waves hello before taking passengers for their ride!

Toronto Railway Museum

The Railway Museum comes complete with railway crossing signs!


The Toronto Railway Museum is a perfect place to spend a couple of hours with your kids to learn a bit about the rail history of Toronto and Canada. Young children (and old alike!!!) will love the fun steam train ride and, at the same time, you won’t break the budget.

Happy travels…all aboard!!!



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  1. You wrote: “It takes passengers from the replica Don Station”

    Nope. The Don Station in Roundhouse Park is the original Don Station. We did a lot of work to restore and stabilize it for the long term but it is still the original 1896 structure.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit, thanks for the blog item.

    • Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and correcting our “oops!”. If you have any other cool factoids that you want to add to the site, let us know! We’d be happy to update! Happy Travels!!!! The Road Warrior Team