The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Travel Edition) Part I

One of the reasons that we love to travel is to sample the wonderful flavours of the world. A friend recently asked us: “what is the best thing that you have ever eaten on your travels”? A very good question, although extremely difficult to answer as we have eaten some amazing things while travelling! We will attempt to answer this question over and over in this series.

At the top of our list would have to be the black pepper crab (and chili crab!) that is famous in Singapore. Singapore is a small island country, yet it has some of the best food that we have ever tasted.

The picture below shows our succulent plate of black pepper crab from the East Coast Seafood Centre (in East Coast Park) in Singapore.

Black pepper crab from East Coast Seafood in Singapore

Black Pepper Crab — one of our favourite ‘travel foods’…


So simple, yet so tasty! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it…a not-to-be missed dish if you ever find yourself in Singapore!

What are some of the best eats from your travels?



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  1. So many to name but let’s try. In no particular order, typed as I think of it:
    Philly cheesesteak at Pat’s and Geno’s in Philadelphia
    Pizza at Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn
    Barbecue at the too many to count barbecue joints in Memphis
    fried oysters in Apalachicola, Fla.
    Pasta in Florence, Italy
    meat pies at pubs across England
    Desserts homemade at my mother in law’s cousin’s house in a tiny village outside Norwich, U.K.
    Chicago deep dish pizza
    Pierogis in Cleveland
    Coffee in Rome
    Everything in Napa (was too buzzed to remember; I just know it was good)
    hot dog at Doug’s in Chicago
    Traditional Scottish and English breakfasts at B&Bs in Edinburgh and Bath
    Falafel at L’As du Fallafel in Marais district of Paris
    Crepes in Paris

    I should probably stop now. It’s 1 a.m. and this is making me so hungry!

    • Lance, this is making me hungry too…we LOVE meat pies…so much so that we fantasized about owning a meat pie factory. Have you ever tried the Four and Twenty pies in Australia that you can buy at the corner 7-Eleven? So good.
      Haha – re: everything in Napa. And fried oysters? That’s a new one! Great list and now we are going to have to go to all these places to try your suggestions!
      See you at TBEX. Hopefully we can introduce you to something to add to the list (I’m thinking lobster at Wah Sing!). Cheers, and Happy Travels!

  2. Any burger at AJ Bombers in Milwaukee. After seeing them on the Travel Channel I had to get there and OMG. A Primanti Bros. sandwich in Pittsburgh, well worth a half day’s driving. Coleslaw, fries and more built right into the sandwich!

    • You do drive everywhere, don’t you?!? A good burger is hard to find! We don’t have In N Out here in Canada so I crave those all the time!
      I was surprised not to see coffee on the list, El Atl Boy! Hopefully we’ll introduce you to some good eats at TBEX! Thanks for the post!

  3. If we are making lists, here goes!

    Eggs Benedict @ the Royal Sonesta – New Orleans
    Beignets @ The Cafe DuMonde – New Orleans
    Oysters @ Acme Oyster House – New Orleans
    Creme Brulet @ Commander’s Palace – New Orleans
    Shrimp Po Boy @ Fisherman’s Wharf – Galveston
    Stuffed Flounder @ Gaido’s – Galveston
    Lasagna @ Rigazzi’s on the Hill – St. Louis
    Mac & Gorgonzola Cheese @ McCormick and Schmick’s – Austin
    Chicken Fajita Tostadas @ Guadalarjara’s – Austin
    Squid and Octopus Tacos @ La Jaiba – McAlllen (Texas)
    The Big Chop @ Cooper’s – Llano (Texas)
    Udon Noodle Soup – Japan
    Sushi – Japan
    Chicken Enchiladas @ The Hinshaw House – Austin

    Just the beginning! Ha!

    • Wow, this list is awesome!!!!!
      Some of the more specific recos will be on our new list of places I need to try!
      We can’t wait to try the squid and octopus tacos in McAllen TX (seriously??? This exists???? AMAZING!) and the stuffed flounder (WOW! Just thinking about that is WOW!) in Galveston!!!!

      Salivating for more….we will also post some more of our all time favourites with photos!