The Best Beaches…from our travels…

We’ve traveled near, we’ve traveled far…and seen many, many beaches in our lifetime…beautiful beaches, from the purest and most soft white sand to the dark, metallic grains of volcanic shoreline. Many of the beaches we have visited have their own unique charm…so it’s hard to pick just a few of our favourites.


Best beaches in the world

The Caribbean has many wonderful beaches, but many are also very populated. Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman was one of the nicest beaches we’ve been to in the Caribbean, with calm turquoise waves and white sand that felt like flour between our toes. In August, it was low season so there were fewer crowds…but, man, it was H-O-T!!!  Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos, is another beauty — with the most amazing hues of blues you can imagine. We were lucky enough to see the ocean at its meanest when we were last in the T&Cs…a couple of nasty funnel clouds (water spouts) formed out in the ocean and we watched them gain momentum as they traveled to shore. It was gorgeous, but scary, at the same time.  Bermuda and St. Lucia were also favourites of ours. Bermuda is known for its pink sands, which are soft and inviting. St. Lucia is a volcanic island, so there is a lot of variation in the beaches, from pure white sands to dark volcanic black sand, and everything in between.

Heading further east to Europe, one of the prettiest parts of the Mediterranean has to be Cyprus (although they appear to be in a rather sordid economic state these days…maybe now a cheap place to travel??!). Perhaps not a beach, per se, like the others I have mentioned in this blog…because there really is no sand in some of the most prettiest parts of the island. Like most of the Mediterranean that I have seen, there are some fantastic rock formations surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters…

Onwards, towards Africa, there’s Aquida Beach in Ghana, where we took morning jogs on miles of unspoiled, untouched stretches as the wild ocean roared inland. The only civilization we saw were the fishermen as they hauled in their lines from the shore. The serene beauty of feeling like you’re part of unexplored land is something to write about…

We’ve seen a lot of great beaches in Asia, although in many developing nations they have been dirty and unkept. We lived in Australia and loved many of the beaches there, but all wereovershadowed when we took a trip to the Pacific island of Palau.  Palau, Micronesia is a true gem hidden in the Pacific Ocean…with hundreds of little islands that make up the country. The warm, turquoise waters and bright yellow sand invite divers from across the world to visit these enchanted isles…the best scuba diving in the world, in my opinion, and other exciting things to see as well: where can you snorkel in a lake full of jellyfish that have lost their stingers over thousands of years of evolution?

Where’s your favourite beach in the world?


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