Reminiscing on travel days gone by…

Who remembers the days when digital photography didn’t exist? Hard to believe that in our lifetime, we’ve gone from a time where it took days to have your film processed to today’s reality of instant digital processing.

We certainly have saved a lot on photo processing over the years since we no longer have to drop off the film canister and pay $10 to create prints. But we’ve also managed to forget many of the photographs we’ve taken because they’ve been stored on the computer in files we often don’t access (not to mention the time when we lost all of our photo files because our laptop died and we hadn’t backed it up! Ugh!).

Sometimes it’s nice to take a trip down memory lane and look through the photographs of our travels in the past. We’ve found a few photographs for this blog entry that brought a smile to our faces and we thought we’d share…

Street in Cuba

Havana, Cuba

Jordan Petra BuildingsPetra, Jordan

Roatan Honduras

Roatan, Honduras

Mount Merapi, Philippines

Mount Merapi, Philippines

Ayers Rock scenery

Ayers Rock, Australia

Dew drops on a fall leaf

Lake of Bays, Canada

Rome, ItalyRome, Italy