From the Experts: 10 Tips for Packing Light

Here are 10 great tips for packing light. These are adapted from a list written by Kim Mance, editor of

1. Make a list…and check it twice. A packing list can help you to cut down on items to bring. Don’t forget to include underwear on that list!

2. Limit the number of shoes by pack with a colour scheme in mind. Shoes often take a lot of space! Save space in your bag by coordinating your outfits around one or two pairs of shoes by using the same colour scheme, so that you can mix and match everything in your bag.

3. Wear Layers to save space. If you’re going to a cold climate, there’s no need to pack your bulkiest sweaters. Go with silk long underwear, which saves space!) under your shirt and pants and a jacket on top of that.

4. Pack some soap to hand wash laundry. If you’re going on a longer trip, consider packing soap to handwash items so that you can rewear items that get dirty.

5. Don’t pack things you wouldn’t use at home. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t need it at home, you likely don’t need it while traveling.

6. Buy stuff there. In many cases, you will be able to find things in your destination you can not only use, but that will maybe even become souvenirs! Other things you might consider not packing include shampoos, conditioners, sunscreen, etc that take up unnecessary room if they can be purchased abroad!

7. Go mini. Just like it sounds…don’t bring a full-size hairdryer or flashlight, etc. If you can’t do away with these items entirely, pony up and buy them in miniature-size. That’s where the Road Warrior comes into play. If you’re going to a place where you need a travel adapter, go with one that is simple, compact and easy to use (and not one where you need to bring 4 or 5 different parts to facilitate its use!).

8. Use Packing Cubes or mesh storage bags as a way to keep yourself organized and save space. This is helpful if you have multiple destinations on the itinerary and need different types clothes for various climates.

9. Bring Ziploc Bags! We love ziploc bags! Not only are they a great way to help keep things organized, but they ensure that the contents are also waterproof! Large ziploc freezer bags are a perfect way to keep a small camera dry, store dirty laundry, or compact clothes into a small area (by taking out the air in the bag as you zip it up!).

10. Roll large bulky items, but leave the rest alone. Avoid having to roll your stuff up throughout your entire trip and just roll the larger items to save space.

Happy Travels, and remember…Travel Light! Travel Smart!