Food Wars: Best Thing You’ve Eaten While Traveling

When we posted about our awesome experience of eating crab in Singapore, we were overwhelmed by the interest in the topic of food during travel. Some traveling gastroafficionados dedicate their entire blogs to food encountered on the road. So,while we weren’t surprised at the response, we certainly got excited about some new “must-eats” to add to our growing food bucket list.

As a result, we bring you our first post called FOOD WARS: battle of the travel foods!

Singaporean Crab

Black Pepper Crab at the East Coast Seafood Centre


Here are some of our favourite responses that definitely challenge the Black Pepper Crab we devoured at the East Coast Seafood Centre…purely biased by our taste bud preferences, of course!


1. Milwaukee Burger at AJ Bombers, Milwaukee, WI, USA.

If you like a good burger, you’ll definitely have to check out this suggestion from Aaron at Aaron says that one of the best eats discovered on his (very lengthy!) travels is “any burger at AJ Bombers in Milwaukee. After seeing them on the Travel Channel I had to get there and OMG”. This photograph, taken from the AJ Bombers website, is enough to make any burger-lover salivate.

After checking out the AJ Bombers menu (which includes a burger with cheese, bacon and…peanut butter?!), we can’t wait to visit. Any restaurant with the motto: “happiness, with a side of burgers” sounds like an awesome place for us! Plus, they serve poutine (gooey cheese curds and hot gravy over french fries)…which is an automatic two thumbs up!

Milwaukee Burger at AJ Bombers


2. Hearty Meat Pie, Newman Arms Pub, London, UK.

This could be one of the most amazing meat pies we have seen! Amber, at @AmberTweetz (twitter), sends us her version of the best meat pie she’s ever eaten…and it looks HUGE (and delish!). We fell in love with meat pies when we lived in Australia. The Four and Twenty meat pies at the local 7-Eleven convenience store were one of our favorite snacks!

This massive meat pie comes from the Newman Arms Pub in London, UK. Here, they specialize in the “essential comforts of life — Pints and Pubs”…all served up quite fittingly in the “Pie Room”. The Newman Arms Pub boasts the perfect ending to a hearty meal, with a “Treacle Sponge Pudding served with lashings of thick custard – the ultimate culinary treat”! Our mouths are already watering in overdrive!!!

Amber and the (enormous!) Newman Arms Meatpie


3. Squid and Octopus Tacos, La Jaiba Shrimp House, McAllen, TX, USA

The Nomadic Texan at recommends the squid and octopus tacos from La Jaiba Shrimp House as one of the best things he’s ever eaten (amongst many other delicious suggestions!). We took a look at the menu at La Jaiba and have to admit that the food looks pretty darned good! Here’s a screenshot of the menu showing the tacos. Anything with chunks of seafood mixed with wedges of avocado in a soft flour tortilla is a winner in our books! How’s that to tickle your tastebuds?

la jaiba shimp house menu

Menu showing Tacos Pulpo at La Jaiba Shrimp House


4. Cassoulet in Carcissonne, France.

For more refined tastebuds, our final “must-eat” comes from Randall of CaminoMyWay at  Cassoulet (kasu’let), you say?!? Yes, a slow-cooked stew that consists of hearty meats and white haricot beans that originated in the south of France, of course! One of the best places to find an authentic cassoulet is to travel to the south of France to the medevil fortified town of Carcassonne. Looks divine…and the CaminoMyWay looks ever so happy! Paired with a glass of crisp white wine, this could be the perfect meal for a cool, autumn night.

Cassoulet in the South of France


Four amazing suggestions — stiff competition for our Singaporean peppercrab, no doubt!

If you have travel food favorites, feel free to send us a photo and a short blurb about what you are eating! We want to check them out!

Until the next time, eat well and happy travels!


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  1. # 1 looks delicious! But # 3 caught my eye as I just had an invite to McAllen, TX to see my best childhood friend.

    I have to make a note of your recommendation and send it to her. My visit there though won’t be for another year.

    I can wait.

    • Thanks so much for the read…we will eagerly await your review in a year (or any thoughts from your friend in McAllen!). We are actually meeting up with the blogger who suggested these awesome tacos for the Travel Blogging Exposition in Toronto this weekend. We’re taco lovers but haven’t found anything worthy of a food-war submission here in our current home of Toronto!