Road Warrior: Top 10 Items to Pack When Traveling Overseas

What are your top 10 items (besides your clothes!) that you never leave without when going on a trip overseas?

Here are ours:
1. Cash (US dollars, usually, as most countries except for few like Cuba, will easily exchange local currency for the greenback) and bank card to limit the amount of cash carried around
2. Camera and charger — capture those amazing travel moments!
3. Travel adapter — your compact Road Warrior adapter, of course! The slim, small design will keep your packing light!
4. Lightweight sarong if you’re female, this is a must for your warm weather destination! Can act as dress, impromptu beach towel, or absorbent cloth when needed! Also a good shade from the sun!
5. Plastic flip flops — of course you’ll never know when you might be visiting a beach…or depending upon your accommodations, protection for your feet in a shower or pool area!
6. Cell phone with sim card capability — most overseas destinations can sell you a sim card, and in many cases you may find that it is cheaper to make calls overseas than at home!!!
7. IPod or compact music device
8. Ziploc bags (freezer size) — for backpackers, an ideal way to compartmentalize. For everyone else, great for dirty laundry, water proofing items in a purse, or holding odds and ends.
9. Daypack or large day purse/bag — something comfortable to wear whole exploring that you can carry your day items in!
10. Passport and extra copies of passport in case of loss

Are you a Road Warrior? And if so, what are your top 10 travel items?