Buenos Aires in a Day? Our Top Picks…

One of the ways we like to travel is to see as much as possible in as little time. So, we often do a lot of research before we visit a particular place, knowing that we will have to maximize our time as best we can.

Buenos Aires in a day?! In fact, Buenos Aires is a perfect place to spend just a day (although we would happily have stayed longer!). We actually had a day and a half to spend in this bustling metropolis and based on our whirlwind tour, here are some recommendations of “must dos” if you only have 24-hours in this great city:


Recoletta Cemetery


1. Visit Recoletta Cemetery and see the tomb of Eva Perron –

Not only is the cemetery a historic landmark because Evita is entombed here, but this is also an interesting place to visit because it is quite a unique and beautiful burial site. There are many, many above-ground tombs that are quite spectacularly built, each ‘housing’ various caskets of the dead. There are tombs with bodies from hundreds of years back as well as more recent burials. In fact, when we were there, a new casket was being added to one of the tombs on this majestic site.

Evita, or Eva Perron (made famous in the musical: Don’t Cry for Me Argentina), was the first lady of Argentina in the mid-1940s. She became an icon in Argentina because of her feminist stance and her defense of labour rights and the poor. When she died, her body was embalmed. Then, after a military coup overthrew her surviving husband, the President of Argentina, her body was stolen and its whereabouts remained unknown for 20 years. Read more about this in our post: http://rwarrior.com/a-visit-with-death-morbid-fascination-or-intoxicating-historical-voyage/

Recoletta Cemetery is a beautiful place to stroll around on a sunny afternoon.

2. Eat at a Parrilla –

Meat, meat and more meat. Argentina is known for its “parrilla”, which translates into “grill”. In fact, Argentinians eat a lot of red meat, with some estimates claiming that Argentinians eat 150 lbs per person per year, on average! That’s a lot of meat. There are plenty of parrillas (steak houses) from which to choose in Buenos Aires. We had steak for both lunch and dinner and were not disappointed. One of our meals come with a fantastic salsa/vinegarette that complemented our tender, juicy steak just perfectly! And, of course, don’t forget to pair your steak with an Argentinian wine! Argentina has become a world class producer of amazing Malbec, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, which all go beautifully with a sumptuous steak!


3. Walk around the downtown core to see the beautiful architecture –

The architecture of Buenos Aires is truly beautiful, with its old Spanish colonial buildings and cobblestone walkways. The microcentral, or downtown core, of Buenos Aires is very easy to walk around. The main square called the Plaza de Mayo is a must-see as this is where the Casa Rosado, or presidential palace, sits. Back in 1946, from the main balcony of the palace, Eva Perron addressed the crowds below.

4. Chill out with some of the world’s best gelato –

There’s nothing better on a hot, summer day in Buenos Aires, than a cold, refreshing gelato! And Buenos Aires is the perfect place to find some of the best gelato in the world! Gelaterias are everywhere, so there are plenty of places to choose from. After sampling everything from dulce de leche to strawberry flavours, our favourite gelato was maracuya — passion fruit — a light, refreshing, tangy treat complete with crunchy passionfruit seeds! We enjoyed our new addiction at Freddo gelateria.

5. Don’t forget to sample an empanada or two –

Ok, three of our five suggestions involve eating…so you probably get the feel for the type of tourism we love — it must involve food! Last on our list of “to dos” is to sample an empanada. At one of the parrillas, the complimentary appetizer was a beef empanada, a meat pie filling encased in a doughy covering. It was delicious! It was so good that when we found ourselves in a food court the next day, we saw a glass casing filled with shelves of various types of empanadas and decided to try some…and they were equally as great! (yum!)

 Buenos Aires In A Day?

If you only have 24-hours to spend in this wonderful city, you can certainly enjoy the five must-dos on our list. As a final tip, we highly recommend taking the subway. It’s a great, safe way to get around town quickly and it is very easy to navigate! And, for only a few dollars a day, it is the perfect economical way to see all of Buenos Aires.



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