Adventures in Ghana: World’s Cheapest Safari

Ghana has to be one of our favorite countries in the world. Located in western Africa, nestled between the Ivory Coast and Togo, it is still a relatively untouched country when it comes to being a place to visit for tourists. It is also a very safe place to visit, although with the discovery of oil (which is now Ghana’s second largest export), many fear that the disparity between rich and poor will continue to grow and cause safety issues (similar to Nigeria).

Every moment of our trip to Ghana was amazing, but one of the most memorable parts of the trip was taking the world’s cheapest safari at Mole National Park. Mole National Park is the largest park in Ghana, located about 670km north of the capital of Accra. As we only had a limited time in Ghana (only 2 weeks, and there was so much we wanted to see and do!), we opted to fly from Accra to Tamale to save us some time. This took less than an hour (and there are various daily flights to choose from on a few carriers). From Tamale, the bus ride was about 4 hours.

Ghana, Africa

Sunrise at Mole National Park

While safaris in other parts of touristed Africa can cost hundreds of dollars, be prepared to pay around only US $1.50 for this safari! Why so cheap? Well, for one, the safari is by foot, so be ready to do some walking! Unfortunately, the park is underfunded…and given the amazing wildlife encounters on this walking tour, they really should charge more for the tour.

 Safari, Ghana, Africa

Our ranger at Mole National Park

Each safari is led by a ranger who knows a lot about the wildlife encountered in the park. Although they carry a gun for safety purposes since the tours are all on foot, they have said that most of the animals in the park respect the human foot traffic and there haven’t been any attacks by the wildlife on any tourists.

Mole, Ghana, Africa

 Do you recognize the animal that made this footprint? That’s right, the highlight of the park — Elephants!

According to the wildlife experts here, there are 93 mammals that live in the park. The highlight? The elephants, of course. These majestic animals seek refuge here as elephants have pretty much been rendered almost extinct in most of western Africa, including Ghana.

Ghana, Africa, Elephants

Elephants on their way to the watering hole, Mole National Park

What’s amazing about this particular type of walking safari is how close you feel to the animals when you finally see the wildlife. It is really surreal! To hear the soft but strong footsteps of the elephants as they made their way through the brush was amazing. And they were literally just 50 feet away from us at some points on the tour!

Western African Elephant

Elephant at Watering Hole, Mole National Park

 Ghana, Africa

 Warthogs, Mole National Park

It was surprising just how close we got to many of these animals. This family of warthogs was no exception. They didn’t seem to notice that we were just feet away…one of the babies was busy feeding on his mom while the mother was busy feeding on something else in the brush.

Ghana, Africa tree

Amazing flora of Mole National Park

Equally as impressive as the wildlife were the flora that was found throughout our walk. There were many magnificent trees within the park that made for some amazing photographs. A ton of birds that live in the trees and the areas around the watering holes in the park, make it a perfect place for birding. When we were visiting, there were many birders who were busy walking around with their binoculars in awe.

Ghana Camping

Camping at Mole National Park

 In order to really enjoy Mole National Park, we recommend staying for at least a few days. There is only one hotel at Mole National Park, called Mole Hotel. It has both dormitories and nicer private rooms. The hotel is situated on top of a large hillside and overlooks a large elephant watering hole. You can sit by the pool and watch the elephants play in the brush below…it is quite an amazing site!

Since there is only one place to stay in the park, we recommend making reservations in advance. When we arrived, we did not have reservations and there was no room available. But, the hotel was very accommodating and offered us a tent to rent. For about US $4.00, we had the perfect accommodation for the night — a tent in the middle of the game park! It was quite amazing (and scary!) to wake up to two baboons staring at us when we unzipped the door to our tent in the morning! We opted for a private room at the hotel the next night, which was much more luxurious in comparison.

All in all, Mole National Park was one of the highlights of our trip to Ghana and a must-see for anyone visiting this amazing country!



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  1. Awesome post! How incredible you got to experience seeing all those animals up-close, and what beautiful plant life, too!

    • Aw, thanks so much for taking a look at our blog. Yes, we were really happy to have discovered Ghana. It’s an amazing place to visit…honestly, the people made it so incredibly worthwhile as they were so warm and inviting everywhere we went!!! Definitely recommend a visit if you’re into adventure! Happy Travels, Merry! 🙂

  2. This sounds like a pretty amazing experience. We did a couple of safaris in Tanzania. Let’s say they cost a bit more than $1.50! What an awesome trip!


    • Thanks so much for checking out our blog. We just took a look at your blog to see if there was a post on Tanzania! We’re not done with Africa yet!!! 🙂
      Saw the post on Cape Horn…but not Africa! 🙂 Shoot us a note if you have a post on Tanzania…and we will keep following your adventures. Happy Travels! 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this. We have only been to Northern Africa (Morocco, Egypt) and very interested in a safari. Sounds like you had a truly incredible experience.

    Now that I read this, I have to find out about your road warrior plug adaptor!
    We Said Go Travel

    • Thanks for checking us out, Lisa! We are excited to hear from a centurion! Ghana is definitely a different experience from the more expensive safaris in south and eastern Africa…we’ve done extensive safari-ing in South Africa and Swaziland…significantly more expensive (think thousands of dollars for a week!) so this was a blast not only because you feel you certainly get amazing value for money (imagine seeing elephants just feet away from you…for less than it costs to go to a zoo in the developed world!!!). If you ever want more information on Ghana, feel free to email us! We’d be happy to share and we definitely recommend a trip! HAPPY TRAVELS! Cheers!

  4. This is awesome! Of course, every travelers dream is to go on an African Safari – and I like how you recommended an alternative to the high priced adventures. This looks really cool, I would love to do this!

    While I enjoy camping out, I don’t know how much sleep I’d get in a tent in the middle of this game reserve. I’d be terrified about every noise thinking a Lion was about to eat me!

    Thanks for the info – Happy Travels!

    • Thanks for joining us on our adventure, Liz! Yes, Ghana was such an amazing adventure…and the price of the safari was just such a great surprise! The camping, although also a surprise, was a lot of fun…until we saw the Baboon, of course!
      If you ever decide to venture into this part of the world, we have other tips so please email us! Until then, Happy Travels!

  5. It sounds like such a neat experience! It’s fun learning about parks all around the world. I would love to do a safari like this one!

    • Thanks, Merete, for visiting our website! If you ever decide to visit Ghana, let us know as we’d be happy to give you more tips! Happy Travels!

  6. Great article! I’ve been wanting to go on a safari, and this shows a great alternative to an expensive safari!

    • Thanks, Carla! This would be perfect for you and your family…Ghana is surprisingly easy to travel around with older children (we would recommend at least 7 years old!). If you ever need tips on travel here, let us know! Thanks for reading! Happy Travels!

  7. Wow! What a terrific experience! I love discovering travel treasures I never knew about and this is definitely one of them! Thanks!

    • Thanks for your comment and thanks for coming to visit our little journey with us! 🙂 You really must see Ghana if you are “readyforadventures”! 😉
      Happy Travels!

  8. Great post! I never would have thought of Ghana. Lived in Zambia when I was a kid but have never been to West Africa…and I can’t believe the prices.
    Thanks for sending me the post, I’ll make sure to follow your site.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Thanks for taking a look! Wow, you really have a colorful background! We’d love to head to Zambia — we had such a great time in Ghana (and, yes, the safari was really that cheap! We were in heaven!). Thanks for following us. We look forward to following “Canada’s favorite interracial couple”!!!! Happy Travels!

  9. Wonderful post! I’ve yet to explore a safari, but I firmly believe that walking is more fulfilling than being driven. There’s so much more you can see and find along the way (not to mention capture amazing photos as the ones you have above!). I’ll be honest.. I was concerned about the closeness of humans and animals (since they’re so unpredictable), but the track record has been very safe according to your blog. I’ll have to visit this safari in Ghana one day when I embark on Africa. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Mike. You know, we agree! There is something about walking that is waaay better than driving. But it was a bit scary to think that at any moment a wild animal could approach!!! Thanks for reading and Happy Travels!

  10. I am planning to visit Africa and your blog is a perfect place for information. I have been travelling domestic at the moment and writing about it on my blog. Good to meet you here.

    • Thanks for reading our adventures, Kavita! Have you decided where you’re going to head? Africa is an amazing continent! Happy Travels!

  11. I’ve wanted to visit Ghana for such a long time! I had a friend in university from there, and he really inspired me to want to see his country for myself. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure. Our blog was so new when we visited Africa the posts are rather lacking! 😉 I always feel I should go back and do it all over again! Thanks for the further inspiration.

  12. great post and very insightful. thanks for sharing

    • Thanks so much for checking us out, Kate! We appreciate it! We look forward to following your adventures too!

  13. Awesome post! We are off to Africa next year, and Ghana is definitely on the list! This looks like a great park, and we live supporting the little guys 🙂